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We offer an appraisal for divorce that is both professional and defensible in court.

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Looking for a reliable divorce appraiser serving clients in the Chandler, AZ, area? McKenzie Appraisals Inc. is here for you. Led by an Arizona state-certified appraiser, we offer reliable home appraisal services specifically designed for divorce cases. We understand that finalizing a divorce can be tough, especially when it comes to dividing real estate property. That’s why we offer an appraisal for divorce that is both professional and defensible in court.


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Our home appraisal divorce service is perfect for both attorneys and accountants who need to calculate the real property values for estates, divorces, or other disputes. We provide appraisal reports that meet the requirements of the courts and various agencies, ensuring that all parties involved are satisfied with the results.

We know that often the divorce date differs from the date of the appraisal, which is why we offer retroactive appraisals with an effective date and fair market value estimate matching the date of divorce. Our expertise in handling sensitive situations makes us the perfect choice for divorce appraisals.

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When you choose McKenzie Appraisals Inc., you can be assured that you are getting the best in professional service, courtesy, and the highest quality appraisal. Trust us to handle your divorce appraisal needs in and around Chandler, AZ, with the utmost care and confidentiality.

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